Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh no

The spirit of September 2005 is back. From CNN:
North Korea has tentatively agreed to close down its nuclear weapons program in exchange for energy aid, U.S. and Chinese officials said Tuesday.
But the proposed deal was being reviewed by officials in the negotiators' capitals before becoming final.
Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, the lead American official at the talks, said the U.S. will give an unspecified amount of energy assistance to North Korea in exchange for North Korea freezing its production of plutonium.

There are no other specifics in the CNN story: no mention of the highly enriched uranium program the Stalinists hid from the U.S. for years, no mention of the weaponized nuclear material the Stalinists already have. Also, there was no description of energy aid, so this could mean the light-water reactors are back.

One Free Korea puts it best:
And how sad for the people of North Korea that we’re prepared to bail out a hideously brutal regime that was showing tangible and accelerating signs of bankruptcy and collapse.

How sad indeed. Why does this President have so much resolve in western Asia, yet so little in Eastern Asia?

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