Tuesday, February 20, 2007

News of the day (February 20)

Communist introduce point system to gauge print media reporting: The Communists' propaganda arm will deduct points for newspapers with "content . . . against the order or ideology of the CCP central government" (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times), but a low score won't be the only repercussion. Others include "internal warnings, removal of the responsible personnel, and stopping the press from printing."

Witness to persecution will now suffer it for five years: Cao Dong, the gentleman who spoke to European Parliament Vice President Edward McMillan-Scott about the Communist crackdown against Falun Gong, was sentenced "to five years in prison on Feb. 8, 2007, under the charges of 'illegal collusion with anti-China forces in and out of China' and 'accepting illegal interviews'" (Epoch Times).

More on Communist persecution: Li Sisi and Zhang Ailun (Sound of Hope Radio via Epoch Times) talk to a Sichuan cop about the Communist Party's control over "local" police forces. AIDS activist Hu Jia - currently under house arrest - wishes fellow activist Gao Zhisheng a happy birthday (Epoch Times).

Communist China's new "green" plan - a lot of paint: In order to appear more environmentally friendly, the Communist regime chose to "paint an entire barren mountainside green" (National Review Online). Local cadres, when asked what was going on, answered: "This is an order from above."

"A Deal That Hard-Liners Hate": That's how Newsweek (via MSNBC) refers to the Beijing Surrender. Count yours truly and One Free Korea in that category.

More on Communist China's Korean colony: Daily NK calls for the international community to insist that food aid to Stalinist North Korea actually gets into the hands of the northern Korean people; the famine-weakened populace now faces a measles outbreak (BBC), but the Stalinists maintain their priorities - namely killing anyone who helps Koreans escape (BBC).

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