Monday, February 12, 2007

News of the Weekend (February 10-12)

Customs Agents stop the Long Arm of Lawlessness from kidnapping young girl: Youran Zhao tried to defect to the United States in New York State. The Communist "tour guides" who accompanied her refused to let her leave with her aunt, and were about to take her back to Communist China when Customs Agents blocked them at JFK Airport. The girl is now safe, but "Grave concerns are now being raised for the girl's family still in China" (Epoch Times). Her parents, both Falun Gong practitioners, "arranged for Zhang to be made her legal guardian and to assume custody of her in the United States."

Six-party talks in Beijing drag on with American surrender still in sight: As One Free Korea noted, we've been down this road before. However, the talks now seem to be centered on "how much energy aid the North should be given" (BBC), making it more likely that the difference can be split, and the spirit of the 2005 debacle will return.

More on Communist China's Korean colony: The hunt is on for the escaped border guardsmen (Daily NK). One Free Korea laments the plight of northern Koreans, the weak reaction of the United States, and the non-reaction of dovish South Korea in respective links. Daily NK chronicles the career of Hwang Jang Yop; Claudia Rosett details Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il's rackets (Weekly Standard).

Uighur American Association responds to execution of Ismail Semed: The organization's Human Rights Project takes aim at dubious Communist claims that the victim was a terrorist (UAA).

More on Communist China and the United States: James Holmes (Washington Times) and Andrei Kislyakov (United Press Int'l via Washington Times) examine the geopolitical fallout from the anti-satellite test. Richard Halloran (Washington Times) reminds the powers that be to keep an eye on East Asia.

Canada file - Harper hits back at He: The Prime Minister had this to say about He Yafei's criticism of his policies toward Communist China: "I would point out to any Chinese official that just as a matter of fact, China had a huge trade surplus with this country so it would be in the interest of the Chinese government to make sure any dealings on trade are fair and above board" (Globe and Mail - h/t Small Dead Animals).

Cardinal Zen rips Communist China for picking bishops: The Catholic leader in Hong Kong, who has also been a longtime champion of human rights, called the Communists' refusal to let Pope Benedict XVI control his own faith "acts of war . . . They are waging a war, they want to destroy the church" (BBC). The cardinal "previously said he has offered to resign from his position to help the Vatican establish ties with China." Yet he is still there, as the world awaits Benedict's own words on the subject - now expected in April.

Communist China's trade surplus zooms higher: The surplus with Europe rose so high it actually surpassed the imbalance with the United States ($26B to $24B - BBC), which might explain why Europe's new concern over the Communists' deliberately devalued currency (BBC).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: South Africa's Star is the runaway winner. Check out this line (cited by the BBC): "African governments' 'bowling alley strategy' towards China - to fall over in a row whenever China waves a few US dollars in front of them - needs to be reviewed.'"

Attackers of Hong Kong Democrat arrested in Hong Kong: While four men are now in custody for the August beating of HK Democratic leader Albert Ho, the judge presiding "described as "inherently incredible" the allegation made in court that one of the men, Chinese immigrant Leung Kwan-ping, had paid the other three to carry out the attack in revenge for Mr Ho's failure to help him apply for social welfare" (BBC). Judge Kevin Browne put it thusly: "The timing of the attack and the very public and audacious nature of it indicated it was carried out for a far more sinister and heinous reason."

Murdered Taiwanese man had organs missing: Tseng Wenfang's wife and his other relatives "suspected that his organs had been stolen" (Epoch Times).

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