Tuesday, February 06, 2007

News of the Day (February 6)

Communist China abusing political prisoners: Not that this would surprise anyone, but He Depu detailed how citizens jailed for political crimes are singled out (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times).

Communist China blames "developed countries" for warming, clamps down on weather info: Despite having carbon emissions second only to the United States (and soon to be second t0 none), Communist China is blaming others for what it calls the effects of global warming: "Developed countries bear an unshirkable responsibility" (mouthpiece Jiang Yu, quoted by the BBC). The particular issue at hand was a "drought" in Shaanxi province. It should be noted that Communist China's rampant overdevelopment and incompetence with water distribution has led to a water shortage of over 1.5 trillion gallons, leading one to wonder how much of Shaanxi's problem is due to "warming." Meanwhile, the Communists put weather data under new and heavier regulations (Epoch Times).

Vatican to call for boycott of the Communist-run "Patriotic" Catholic Church: This could bring the diplomatic minuet between the Holy See and the Communists to a halt (Asia Times via Epoch Times).

Korean refugees captured and returned by Communist China escape North Korean prison: Over 100 prisoners from Stalinist North Korean Camp 16 have escaped, according to "numerous sources" who spoke to Daily NK. One source described the escapees as such: "Most of the people that escaped were defectors were caught in China while attempting to flee to South Korea and then forcibly repatriated back to North Korea. They were in the midst of awaiting a trial."

On Communist China and its Korean colony: Dan Blumenthal and Aaron Friedberg present a good plan for forcing Communist China to get serious about Kim Jong-il's nuclear ambitions - namely, make it clear to the cadres that they will suffer consequences from our actions unless Kim is reigned in (Weekly Standard). Meanwhile, U.S. enovy Christopher Hill is back in Beijing (Washington Times) and the Stalinists are angling for a deal that would be better for them than the 1994 Agreed Framework fiasco (Washington Post).

On Communist China and the rest of the world: Curry Kenworthy (China Support Network) sees the Communist regime resorting to war in order to survive. Stephen Mbogo (Cybercast News) examines how the cadres win over African tyrants. Japan is looking at joining the U.S. in a World Trade Organization complaint against Communist China (BBC).

More on Stalinist North Korea: The regime prepares to execute two border guards for helping people escape (Daily NK and One Free Korea). Kevin Kane (Daily NK) details SNK's military cooperation with the Iranian mullahcracy. Meanwhile, South Korea's leading dovish party enters the death throes (BBC and OFK).

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