Friday, June 20, 2008

From the Information Front

The battle between Communists and anti-Communists over the truth is the main theme of today's news. While the Long Arm of Lawlessness continues (Epoch Times), exiled dissidents are fighting back by trying to helping their fellow Chinese get around the "Great Red Firewall" (Fox News).

There are many who think this is just about human rights. Thus, while they'll acknowledge the problems Communist China has with the truth (Boycott 2008, Epoch Times, Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times, Voice of America via Epoch Times, and Washington Times), they don't believe it affects the real world.

They couldn't be more wrong.

For starters, the Communists are getting American help. As Jeffrey Fideler noted, "American companies have played a prominent role in facilitating the government's construction of this internet control regime" (Epoch Times).

More importantly, however, the Communists have so badly twisted the truth into "angry, defensive Chinese nationalism" (Fideler again) that the regime has to rely on said nationalism in order to survive, which means "War is theoretically a real possibility," according to Dr. Peter Gries.

For more concrete examples of the aftermath, we have Communist espionage against the United States (Epoch Times and Boycott 2008), and kidnapping of Americans themselves (One Free Korea).

The behavior of Communist China towards their own people is directly tied to its relations with the rest of the world. That is the lesson we are painfully learning. American and her democratic allies will never be secure until China is free.

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Charles said...

American and her democratic allies could see and fight the "evil empire" in the German leopard and the Russian bear in the first beast out of the sea, i.e. Europa, a daughter of Oceania, from 1939 till 1989.

Ominously so far they have not been able to see and fight it again in the Chinese dragon in the second beast out of the earth, i.e. Asia, the largest landmass of all continents?

The Bible predicted the two beasts of the end time in Revelation 13.