Friday, June 27, 2008

The more you look at it, the worse it gets

Whenever news involving Communist China comes out, one usually has to wait until the "engagement" crowd (like James Dorn - Washington Times) stops coloring things before the truth can be seen. Such has been the case with the Olympics (Washington Post), the regime's reaction to the Sichuan earthquake (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times), and relations with both India (Asia Times) and the United States (DC Examiner). The best example, however, continues to be the Bush Administration's craven surrender to Stalinist North Korea.

We are now discovering that in addition to getting no information on the Stainists' uranium enrichment plans, the Administration is also empty-handed on the Stalinists' actual nuclear arsenal (Fox News via The Write Side of My Brain):
One item that won’t make the declaration, which the White House says is due Thursday, will be North Korea’s nuclear bombs. The omission means the world will have to wait for an answer to the question at the heart of the nearly six-year-old standoff: Is the North ready to give up its nuclear weapons?

So, now we know that Communist China's de facto colony will be able to keep its nuclear arms stockpile - and keep it secret - and still have the Bush Administration push to have it removed from the list of terror sponsors (Washington Times), all because they blew up part of a nuclear reactor that was on its way to be mothballed anyway (BBC, CNN, Washington Post, and the Washington Times).

This nonsense requires the OK from Congress, and given their respective reactions (CNN), I feel a lot better about endorsing the Republicans in 2006 - unfortunately, they lost. The Democrats who replaced them seem much closer to Ban Ki-moon (Newsmax) than the folks at National Review.

In other words, the next President (see One Free Korea and NRO - Campaign Spot for the candidates' reactions) will saddled with an agreement to bend over backwards to a regime that doesn't keep its word - much like the Bush Administration was saddled with the 1994 Agreed Framework.

Once again, this President hasn't departed from Bill Clinton, but has instead emulated him.

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Charles said...

The problem is whether the Administration is weak or blind.

The President and Congress are elected. It seems therefore that the American people are blind. But how can that be?

First, unlike the first beast which resembles a leopard and a bear, this beast, rising out of the land, is a stealth nondescript("dragon"), showing only "two horns like a lamb".

Second, they have been blinded by those who have business interests with Communist China, hence whose thoughts and deeds have to show some favoritism for it(bearing its "mark").

I challenge anyone who can name one exception.