Thursday, June 05, 2008

News of the Day (June 5)

Tiananmen remembered: Led by exiled dissident Wei Jingshen, a group of demonstrators at the Communist Chinese Embassy in London honors those who died on June 4, 1989 (Epoch Times).

Japanese reporters arrested at earthquake site: Two Kyodo News reporters "were detained when conducting an interview in Dujiangyan area in Sichuan Province, where the earthquake struck" (Epoch Times). The laughable explanation the cadres gave was the following: "the earthquake caused social instability and we carried out procedures to ensure the reporters' safety." Riiiiight.

Bush Administration handing over sensitive technology to Communist China in order to help the cadres "bolster security at the Beijing Olympics" (Bill Gertz, Washington Times). Some of the stuff handed over to Beijing "includes security and military equipment that is restricted for export under the Export Administration Act, prompting some critics of the policy to question its legality."

Communist China kicking foreigners out as Olympic nears: The cadres set out "legal guidelines" for foreigners during the Games (Boycott 2008), but the regime seems to be casting a wide net as to the outsiders who don't mean the guidelines (Globe and Mail, Canada). Meanwhile, the cadres' attempts to silence any foreigners at the Games was derided by the editors of the Barrie Examiner (h/t Boycott 2008).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Xin Fei (Epoch Times) discusses the Battle of Flushing. Ron Synovitz (Eurasia Net) examines Communist China's projecting of economic power in Afghanistan. India's Foreign Minister prepares to visit Communist China (Washington Times). Australia's Prime Minister wants a Pacific version of the EU - including Communist China and the United States - by 2020 (AAP via Epoch Times).

News on “another Chinese province”: Stalinist North Korea is refusing to play ball with the United States on food aid - or as One Free Korea put it, "exactly how the North Korean regime will and will not allow us to feed its population."

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