Monday, June 09, 2008

News of the Weekend (June 7-9)

The Battle of Flushing gets worldwide attention: The collusion of the Communist Chinese diplomatic corps and pro-Communist mobs in New York City continued over the weekend (Epoch Times), and was noticed as far away as New Zealand (Epoch Times). Things seemed to simmer down (Epoch Times), but the memories of the mob have been scarred into the psyche of New Yorkers (Epoch Times, Epoch Times again). The Communists, of course, are using the incident for more lies and propaganda (Epoch Times).

More on the Long Arm of Lawlessness: The Battle of Flushing is reenacted in Poland (Epoch Times); an Epoch Times reporter resurfaces after being detained in Russia.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: The editors of the Washington Post take the crown for warning against American firms which "sell tools of repression to authoritarian regimes abroad," especially in Communist China.

International Olympic Committee grows more worried about Beijing 2008, although given the IOC's recent behavior, they'll likely blame "athletes who choose to speak out against the Chinese regime" (Guardian, UK, via Boycott 2008).

Tibetan monks leave temple to avoid "patriotic education campaign", which in the rest of the world is known as brainwashing (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times).

Remembering Tiananmen: Members of Congress and Polish anti-Communists commemorate the victims of the massacre (Epoch Times).

Quake aftermath - another shoddy building exposed and more arrests made: As a middle school that collapsed in Sichuan was found to be substandard (Radio Free China via Epoch Times, protesters calling on the regime to hold itself accountable are hauled off to jail (Epoch Times).

Other news from inside Communist China: Toymakers are still below safety standards (BBC); the regime is moving back to the planned economy (Central News Agency, Taiwan, via Epoch Times).

News on “another Chinese province”: The reauthorization of the North Korea Human Rights Act passes the House of Representatives on a voice vote (One Free Korea); the latest famine is so widespread that "more and more people will not believe in the Party’s directions or policies because of their continued deception" (OFK).

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