Friday, June 06, 2008

News of the Day (June 6)

More on the United States helping Communist China repress its people for the Olympics: The Washington Times both continues its investigation and rails against the Administration for compromising American security and making it easier for the cadres to crackdown on dissidents.

More on the Olympics: Marni Soupcoff (National Post, Canada) finds more reasons that the cadres should not be enjoying this propaganda bonanza (h/t Boycott 2008).

Anti-Communist Congressmen rip the regime for the Battle of Flushing: Congressman Tom Tancredo and Dana Rohrbacher demanded the Bush Administration hold Communist China to account for instigating the pro-Communist mobs in New York City (Boycott 2008). Meanwhile, the cadres' floozies are have resorted to smearing the NYPD (Epoch Times).

NASA official says Communist China could get to the moon in ten years, which would be about two years before the United States plans to send another expedition there (Kansas City Star).

Communist Ambassador to the U.S. talks to the Washington Times: Zhou Wenzhong discussed Taiwan and America's presence in Asia with nice, soothing words (the deeds are, of course, not his bailiwick).

Tibetan monks arrested in "bomb" plot: Here we go again (CNN and Washington Post).

As Communist crackdown on quake reaction continues, victims' parents are fighting back: The parents of the Sichuan quake victims "are beginning to mount organized efforts to seek redress for the collapse of schools during last month's earthquake" (Washington Post), in the Post understates as "a potent challenge to the government." Meanwhile, likely in reaction to the parents' determination to get to the truth, the regime is reversing course on all that media openness that won it such praise last month (Los Angeles Times via Boycott 2008); first on the list of unmentionable topics - "questions about school construction." I wonder why.

Remembering Tiananmen: Jonathan Mirsky, who was covering the Tiananmen protest for the London Observer talks to the Epoch Times about what he saw on that bloody day in June.

Japan- SNK talks to be held in Beijing: They will be the first talks between Japan and the Stalinists in almost a year (BBC).

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