Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The rest of the News from June 4

In addition to the crackdown on grieving parents in Sichuan, we have . . .

Cadres' message to visiting athletes - Welcome! Shut up! The regime has "warned foreign visitors against political activism during the Games" (BBC).

Exiled dissident calls for "an Olympic amnesty ": Wang Dan, a Tiananmen student leader now exiled in the United States, asks the regime to "its political prisoners and to allow those of us in exile to at last return home" (Washington Post).

The latest from the Battle of Flushing: According to sources who spoke to the Epoch Times, "CCP spies disguised themselves as Falun Gong practitioners to spread false rumors against Falun Gong."

Stalinist North Korea threatens South Koreans spreading the truth northward, because after all, what business do Koreans have interfering in “another Chinese province” (Report: One Free Korea)?

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