Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What the "peaceful rise" really means

For the last few years, Communist China has tried to deflect criticism and questions about its increasing global power (World Tribune via Boycott 2008) was to insist that this was nothing but a "peaceful rise." Never mind the regime's increasing grip on Africa (Epoch Times) and South America (Weekly Standard), or its continued support for Kim Jong-il's outlaw dictatorship (One Free Korea), or anything else that would imply that the cadres are interested in removing any opposition to its continued rule over China, no matter how far from its borders and how much violence is necessary. Most in the free world, sadly, are falling for the Party line. Even in the island democracy of Taiwan, where they should know better, the propaganda is working (Washington Times). I'm guessing they would think differently, however, if they saw the regime's true face.

It should be no surprise that two of the nations with the most resistance to the "peaceful rise" nonsense are the United States and South Korea. In addition to being leading democracies, these two allies have seen the cadres' goons up close - in Seoul (Epoch Times) and New York City (Epoch Times and more Epoch Times). This is more important than many realize. What these two cities have witnessed is the future for the entire democratic world when the "peaceful rise" is finished - hired Communist goons silencing exiled dissidents and their supporters to the point where the political freedom that is a fundamental and necessary characteristic of democracy is a hollow joke.

Thus aware of the future, Americans are far more worried about Communist China's increasing power, whatever the reason (Washington Post). Canada, which has suffered its own versions of overseas intimidation, is also more aware of the dangers than others (Steve Janke).

In the past, it was Russian refugees that made America and her allies aware of the Soviet danger. This time, the efforts by the Communists to silence Chinese exiles have themselves become the warning to the free world that it will never be secure until the Communist regime is ended.

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Charles said...

In its original Chinese words, "jue qi"(崛起) means "abruptly elevated into a huge mountain".

To cover up, the Chi-Coms gave it a soft translation as "rise". After a while, some one advised them that the word "rise" had been used by Hitler. So, they changed it to "peaceful rise". And the Chinese words were amended to read "he ping jue qi"(和平崛起). This is awkward Chinese (translation: "peacefully erupting" into a mountain), but who's to challenge Chi-Coms the suppressor.

Here again, it masks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon and we see how deceitful "another beast coming out of the earth"(Rev.13:11) is.

A quotable quote: To ignore the Bible is to invite disaster.