Monday, September 29, 2008

Another fake terrorist attack?

The Chinese Communist Party is desperate to have the free world - especially the American people - believe that it, too, is battling radical Islamic terrorists. So when a report of a machete attack in Kashgar, East Turkestan (called "Xinjiang" by the cadres) made the news just before the Olympics, the Communists played it up for all it was worth.

Only now, after the Olympics have long since ended, are contradictory details coming out. According to witnesses as reported by the International Herald Tribune, the actual incident involved a car crash and paramilitary officers playing the "terrorist" role - a situation eerily similar to a staged anti-terror raid in Urumqi earlier this year.

For the cadres, this couldn't have come at a worse time. Candy in Great Britain (BBC), pork products in Japan (Washington Post), coffee in the United States (Epoch Times), cereal in Hong Kong (Channel News Asia), all are the latest of imports and nations ensnared by Communist China's melamine scandal (Boycott 2008, China Digital Times and Epoch Times. The cadres responded with nearly two dozen arrests (RTT News, h/t Greg Pollowitz of NRO - Media Blog), but reports of arrests and actual catching of guilty parties rarely go hand in hand where the Chinese Communist Party is concerned (see above).

Of course, the Korean colony is doing its best to distract everyone (BBC, Forbes, and the Washington Post), and there is the space walk to celebrate - now that it's really happened (BBC, London Telegraph), but it's hardly making a dent with the avalanche of melamine outrages out there.

Even worse for the CCP, the traditional concerns of the democratic world about its internal practices (such as the treatment of dissidents - Epoch Times) have now spread to its external actions, such as the aforementioned exports issue (Epoch Times), the tightening grip on Africa (Daily Mail, UK), the Long Arm of Lawlessness (Boycott 2008 and Guardian, UK), and its overall military objectives (Telegraph).

Even with all of this, the cadres would normally feel confident in their ability to ride out the storm; after all, the world believes their battling al-Qaedists in East Turkestan. That's why the IHT story is so damaging.

As I've mentioned ad infinitum, Communist China's ties to Islamic terrorism run long and deep. Whether it's al Qaeda, Iran, Syria, Saddam Hussein, or the Taliban, if it's a terrorist group or regime looking to strike America, it has a friend in the Chinese Communist Party.

This truth, if it were ever to become widely known, would start the countdown to the end of the Communist regime. Washington would want nothing to do with a Communist tyranny that considers Osama bin Laden a tool to be used against America. Even European capitals which have a history of accommodation and appeasement would think twice about the Beijing regime. So, the regime, tries to distract the rest of the world with its phony war in East Turkestan in the hope that no one pays close attention to either brutal occupation or the fact that the native Uighur population is just about the most pro-American group of Muslims on Earth. All of that gets blurred by local acts of "terrorism."

That is, until the acts are exposed as forgeries, like the Kashgar "attack" now appears to be exposed.

The free world can not afford to ignore this reality: the Chinese Communist Party is not an enemy of radical Islamic terror; it is a benefactor of radical Islamic terror. The War on Terror will not end in Tehran, Baghdad, or Kabul, but in Beijing. America and her allies will never be secure until China is free.

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