Friday, September 19, 2008

The Korean Colony comes through for Beijing

The CCP could get an unlikely savior from the growing melamine-milk fiasco: their Korean colony.

At home, the Beijing regime has been forced to issue a massive milk recall (BBC) amidst increasing anger from would-be importers (the Chinese people are also livid - Washington Post - but we all know that foreign customers are far more important to the regime for a host of reasons). Meanwhile, an attempt by a City Councilman in New York to spread the propaganda about the upcoming CCP space launch set off a dramatic backlash as locals remembered the Battle of Flushing (Epoch Times).

Into this maelstrom strode the cadres' unlikely heroes from next door, who announced their intentions to get back in the nuclear business (BBC and CNN).

Now, the colonial regime had its own reasons to make this move, among them avoiding a flood of questions about the health of the viceroy (CNN) and distracting everybody from the ongoing famine (One Free Korea). Still, it was a godsend to Beijing, which can now play its familiar role as the only entity that can reason with Kim Jong-il et al - and extract a bunch of concessions from the free world and high praise for its "mediation" at the same time.

I can't say whether this was a coincidence or cooperation. All I can say is this: if it was coincidence, then today was the cadres' lucky day!

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