Friday, September 26, 2008

More domestic problems equals more foreign agitation

It shouldn't comes as a surprise anymore. The Communists are back to their usual tricks abroad in order to avoid problems at home.

As the melamine scandal goes Europe-wide (CNN and International Herald Tribune) and spreads beyond dairy products (BBC and CNN), the Communists pick a fight with Norway's Nobel Peace Prize Committee (Boycott 2008) and the German people (Epoch Times).

An exposed spy (Boycott 2008) gets buried in news of Communist China's space launch - a bit early (Times of London).

Finally, there is North Korea's renuclearization (Washington Post and Washington Times), which itself may very well have been a move to minimize the melamine fallout. Trouble is, such things can have consequences - as seen by the reauthorization of the North Korea Human Rights Act (One Free Korea).

All in all, a typical day for the cadres, but not a good one.

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