Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time is running out

That's the lead theme these days regarding the Bush Administration and East Asia - especially the Communists' Korean colony. Whether its tinged with regret at a deal not done (Washington Times) or frustration at weakness exploited (One Free Korea), the reports clearly focus on an Administration that just couldn't solve this problem (the six-party talks, meanwhile, are sure to outlast 2008 - Epoch Times).

If you ask me, it's the wrong target and the wrong issue.

The folks who are running out of time are the Chinese Communists, not the American President. For all his faults, President Bush has nothing like the melamine-milk scandal to chase (Epoch Times) - a scandal that is acquiring a global reach (BBC and CNN) even as the regime tries to suppress news of it at home (Epoch Times).

Moreover, the President knew his time was up in January 2009. He was well aware the American people would choose his successor, as they have done every four years since 1788.

The cadres still expect to run China forever, not for them is the notion of letting the Chinese people determine their fate. So things like the melamine scandal are of greater concern to them because a Chinese populace angry enough to take its country back means an end to the perks and privileges that come with the Party Card.

So, they will be forced to put out fires like melamine and hope their Korean colony and their Latin American comrades can help them distract their own people (CNN), all the while wishing they could relax and retire as President Bush will do in four months.

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Charles said...

The CCP cadres all knew that their time was running out as evidenced by the fact that as soon as the shorty Deng regained power in early 80's he sent his youngest son with wife to the U.S. to have his grandson born to be American.

All the cadres today have the same agenda: Get foreign citizenship and suck a hell of blood money out of others as they can in P.R. China while still in power.

I always believe in the doctrine that we should disengage Communist China. Like vampires the cadres survive on blood money which has become abundant as our investments help turn the country into the "world factory".

As of now the simplest way to humble them is to cancel their green cards and freeze their bank accounts. With this kind of action, I bet they will give in and neutralize N. Korea right away.