Thursday, September 25, 2008

The divide between propaganda and truth

If the cadres had their way, today would be about their space launch (BBC and the Washington Post) as a sign of their technological progress and their deals with Venezuela (BBC) as a symbol of their solidarity with the Latin American left.

Instead, North Korea's renuclearization takes the headlines (BBC and the Washington Post). Of course, that in itself was likely a Beijing gambit to take the melamine fiasco off the front pages.

Speaking of melamine, the cadres were certainly hoping their laughable notion of blaming anonymous rural dairy farmers for the poison (Epoch Times) would divert attention from their own dirty hands.

No such luck (Bloomberg and the Epoch Times).

Finally, there is the continuing Falun Gong War, which took another casualty (Between Heaven and Earth). The cadres didn't even bother with a planned distraction for that one.

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