Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The more things change . . .

The latest post-Olympic propaganda harvest watch for the Chinese Communist Party reveals more barren fields.

In Canada, the CCP's best friend in Cabinet announces his retirement (CTV - this, incidentally, all but clears the way for yours truly to make an endorsement in the upcoming Canadian elections). Within Communist China, the income gap between the connected denizens of the city and the put-upon peasants of the countryside continue to grow (Epoch Times) - and, of course, another journalist arrest (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the regime has once again grown cozy with its Korean colony (BBC), just as Kim Jong-il decides to thumb his nose at the free world once more (BBC and CNN) amidst the continuing starvation of the people of northern Korea (One Free Korea).

Less than a month after the supposedly transformative Games ended, we're bak to business as usual.

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