Thursday, September 11, 2008

The People's Republic of Lies

With the Olympics fading into the distance, it's becoming clear that all that glittered is far from gold. Already, the economy is in a sever post-Olympic hangover (Boycott 2008 and Epoch Times); rules designed to loosen restrictions on foreign media are likely on their way out (Boycott 2008); and baby milk is back on the tainted food list (BBC).

This is no real surprise to those of us who have been watching the CCP for so many years. The regime cannot be built upon truth; it requires lies to be strong, as Zang Shan details in his brilliant Epoch Times piece:
The Chinese nation was founded upon the principles of humanity, justice, propriety, wisdom, and faith. However, much to people’s humiliation, the Chinese communist regime uses falsification practices as its foundation!

Indeed, this is not the People's Republic of China; it is instead the People's Republic of ies.

Thus we have to careful when its Korean colony insists that the viceroy is recovering (BBC, One Free Korea, Washington Post) - and take note that the saga surrounding his health has been the perfect distraction for more missile constrcution (BBC and CNN). We must alsao lament how the regime has managed to stretch the Long Arm of Lawlessness deep into Nepal (CNN) and evern New York (Epoch Times). We must remember those who have perished so the lies could live (Boycott 2008).

Most of all, though, we should rededicate ourselves to helping the Chinese people take their country back.

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