Thursday, April 24, 2008

News of the Day (April 24)

Note: there will not be a post on Friday; I'll be visiting my sister, who's getting married this weekend. The next post will likely be the News of the Weekend post on Monday.

Bush Administration to reveal evidence on Syria-North Korea nuclear ties: Today is the day that Congress finally gets to see the evidence of Kim Jong-il's aid to Syria's nuclear weapons program (BBC). Among other things, the Administration will present a video which "shows that the Syrian reactor core's design is the same as that of the North Korean reactor at Yongbyon, including a virtually identical configuration and number of holes for fuel rods" (Washington Post). Whether or not the Stalinists gave the Syrians nuclear fuel was unclear (CNN), but the plant was "nearly complete when Israel bombed it in September" (Washington Times), and it "would have been capable of producing plutonium for nuclear weapons" (Newsmax).

Why did we surrender to the Stalinists in Singapore again? That's the question being asked by the Wall Street Journal (h/t Tom Gross at NRO Media Blog), the Washington Times, and most importantly of all, 14 Republican Senators (One Free Korea, which gave this debacle another well-deserved beat-down here).

Duke students call for investigation of Chinese group: The Duke Chinese Student and Scholars Association is under the microscope for its role in the harassment of Wang Qianyuan. Several student groups (including both college political parties) are calling for an investigation into the DCSSA's behavior (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the long arm of lawlessness is reaching into Canada, too (Between Heaven and Earth).

Communist Ambassador to Canada "reassigned": The cadre will be going home, though it is not known to what post (Embassy).

Olympic torch proceeds through Australia: Protesters (AAP via Epoch Times) and enthusiasts (BBC and the Epoch Times) met the torch, while Dr. Torsten Trey reminds us of the hideous organ harvesting practices of the regime, and why it should keep us miles away from these Olympics (Epoch Times).

Communist arms shipment - meant for Zimbabwe - is heading home instead: The resistance of Zimbabwe's neighbors and the United States paid off (CNN).

From the Tibetan refugee camp in Dharamsala: Sheng Xue (Epoch Times) travels to the camp and returns with heart-rending stories of courage and pain.

Macau orders gambling freeze: The move comes amid "reports that Beijing is putting pressure on the territory to diversify its economy away from gambling" (BBC). Macau is the only place in Communist China in which casinos are legal. Left unmentioned in the story are the numerous incidents of corrupt cadres blowing public funds on the roulette wheels.

Communist coal reserve down to 12 days, a 20% reduction from just last month (News, Australia).


Charles said...

Re: "Syria-North Korea nuclear ties"

Why doesn't the USA make a report on the North Korea-Communist China nuclear ties?

Charles said...

Re:"Why did we surrender to the Stalinists in Singapore again?"

Well, "everyone, small and great,..." will be not allowed to "buy and sell" with Chi-Com unless he surrenders to its bottom line on the issue - its No.1 goon stays nevertheless.