Tuesday, April 29, 2008

News of the Day (April 29)

North Korea Freedom Week in full swing: The North Korea Freedom Coalition has the list of events (h/t One Free Korea).

More news on "another Chinese province": OFK hears that food-rationing has reached the Stalinist military officers. The head of the CIA says Syria's would-have-been nuclear reactor (built with Stalinist aid), was very close to making "enough plutonium for one or two bombs" (AP via OFK). James Carafano (New York Post via Front Page) rips the Singapore Surrender.

Remembering Lin Zhao: Forty years ago today, a woman who had the courage to stand up to the Communists during the madness of the Cultural Revolution was executed. Jennifer Chou (Weekly Standard Blog) reminds us how her life and death are still relevant (and feared by the CCP).

One country, one-and-a-half systems rolls on: A student in Hong Kong who supports the Tibetan pe0ple receives threats and suffers vandalism. The police respond by demanding to know if she's talked to the anti-Communist Apple (Epoch Times reporting).

Meanwhile, in Beijing, the endless propaganda coming from the CCP appears to be having an effect - although you never can tell in a dictatorship (Washington Post).

Meanwhile, in Tibet, seventeen "rioters" were sent to prison (BBC and CNN), as a supporter of the Tibetans is kicked out of Nepal (BBC).

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