Wednesday, April 23, 2008

News of the Day (April 23)

Communist police kill land-seizure protester in Saxi (Yunnan): Local in the town who protested their land being seized without compensation for a land mine were greeted with a hail of bullets (BBC). It is merely the latest in a long line of Communist land seizures, protests, and subsequent murders.

As April 25 approaches, the Taipei Times remembers the peaceful protest that made Falun Gong a household phrase - and short-hand for the Communists' brutal persecution against people of faith (h/t, Between Heaven and Earth).

Communist China's radical nationalism hits victim to torch "attack": Put aside the still open question of whether or not the cadres staged the attack on Jin Jing. It turns out Jin herself is now being vilified, because she "she expressed a word of caution about a boycott of Carrefour, a French-branded grocery store chain in China" (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, One Free Korea sees a precedent for the Communist reaction, and it's not a good one.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Today's winner is Rob Breakenridge (Calgary Herald) for his defense of anti-Communist MP Rob Anders' call for an Olympic Boycott.

Other Olympic News: The torch comes to Australia (BBC), as do the protests (Epoch Times). The World Uyghur Congress calls for an Olympic boycott (Earth Times via Uyghur American Association). A pro-Tibet protester is kicked off Mount Everest by Nepalese authorities (CNN).

U.S. praises Zimbabwe neighbors for blocking Communist Chinese arms shipments: The Bush Administration went public with its opposition to the arms sale; at present, the arms still have not made landfall (Washington Post and Washington Times).

Top South Korean spymaster granted asylum in the United States: Surprisingly, an American judge has allowed Kim Ki-Sam to stay here despite the change of government in South Korea, leading One Free Korea to conclude that Kim "must know where a lot of the bodies from the 2000 North Korea summit scandal are buried." Indeed, Kim "is promising to reveal plenty of juicy detail" about the bribe to Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il that greased the skids for that summit with then-South Korean President Kim Dae-jung.

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