Wednesday, April 16, 2008

News of the Day (April 16)

American commission details plight of Korean refugees in Communist China, in particular how the Communists treat them as non-persons and send back any escapee they can find back its colonial viceroy, Kim Jong-il (BBC).

More news on "another Chinese province": The upcoming famine predicted earlier by One Free Korea catches the eye of the United Nations (BBC and Washington Post). Speaking of OFK, he has the latest links on northern Korea (and other things). Meanwhile, CNN and the Washington Times profile South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak.

Communist soldiers stationed with leading Zimbabwe thugs: The Holiday Inn in Harare is hosting "about 70 Zimbabwean senior army officers" (Zimbabwe Journalists) - and nearly a dozen PLA members "in their full military regalia and armed with pistols." Meanwhile, the Mugabe regime - a close ally of Communist China - is arresting more of the opposition (BBC).

The long arm of lawlessness reaches into Canada once more, with death threats for a Vancouber reporter (Boycott 2008).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: The editors of the Washington Post win the prize with a spectacular takedown of the cadres and their various apologists' claims of speaking for "the Chinese people."

More Olympic news: Communist China is demanding CNN's Jack Cafferty apologize for telling the truth. Clarence Page (Washington Times) calls on President Bush to stay home. Pat Robertson sticks up for the cadres - again (World Net Daily). Tibetans in India (Washington Post) await the Olympic torch, which is currently in Pakistan (CNN).

Communist China pledges to work with incoming Taiwanese President: The more I see this, the more it worries me (Washington Post).

Communist line on East Turkestan continues to draw cat calls: This time it's from Richard Weitz, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, who calls the cadres' claims of fighting terrorism in the occupied nation "dubious" (World Politics Review via Uyghur American Association).

Persecution news: Yanling Zhang tells her story in a letter to the Epoch Times.

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Charles said...

Chinese Communist thugs with illegal forces have illegally occupied the land of China proper.

The so-called Chinese Communist Party is not a genuine political party but an organized crime society. (a legal political party must not have its own armed forces. The CCP actually have 5 million soldiers called 'People's Liberation Army' and actually own the US$1.5 trillion trade surplus with the US!!!)

No more confusion if we all do the right things:

Call it 'Communist China' instead of China.

Call them 'Communist Chinese' instead of Chinese.

Call it 'Communist Chinese government' instead of Chinese government.

Call them 'cadres' instead of officials.

Only Chinese who are anti-communists can be called Chinese; those who accept ChiCom as their legal rulers are 'communist Chinese'.