Thursday, April 17, 2008

News of the Day (April 17)

One Chinese student in the United States speaks her mind, and the cadres release the hounds: Of course, the Washington Post authors are ignorant enough to believe that the avalanche of criticism and threats that hit Wang Qianyuan after she spoke up for the human rights of Tibetans was spontaneous - oddly enough, the paper's editors seem to know better.

More on the long arm of lawlessness: The Communists don't think CNN has groveled enough in response to Jack Cafferty's truth blast. Sadly, a Canadian media empire appears to be more malleable (Epoch Times), while Google continues in its attempt to please the cadres without appearing to do so (Weekly Standard Blog).

Now Australia will let Communist thugs shadow the Olympic torch after all, but the goons will be "subject to arrest in fact if they laid a hand on somebody" (AAP via Epoch Times). I'll believe that when I see it.

More Olympic news: The torch came to New Delhi, "surrounded by Tibetan flags, cameras and young men wearing headbands with 'Free Tibet' on them" (BBC). Meanwhile, Civil Rights & Livelihood Watch talked to Ling Baizeng, a Beijing resident who was kicked out of his house due to Olympic construction (Epoch Times).

Olympic commentary: Father Raymond De Souza details Communist China's repression of all people of faith, and how the Olympic torch relay has brought it into clear view (National Post, Cdn., h/t Boycott 2008).

Communist official calls Taiwan situation "a bit more relaxed": As the cadres fell better, I feel worse (Bill Gertz, Washington Times).

Cadres claim Tibetan monasteries in Gansu held arms: The Communists had their usual itemized list, but presented no concrete evidence (BBC). Meanwhile, the latest from Tibet comes courtesy of blogger Tsering Woeser (via Epoch Times).

News on "another Chinese province": When One Free Korea sees a dispute between South Korea and the United States and takes South Korea's side, you know there's been a sea-change, both over there (Washington Times) and - sadly - over here. John Bolton weighs in on the deal I blasted last week - and I'm happy to say he is no kinder than I was (OFK). Finally, OFK has the latest Pyongyang Kremlinology - or, if you prefer, Kimlinology.

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