Monday, April 21, 2008

News of the Weekend (April 19-21)

Communist vessel with arms for Zimbabwe flees South Africa for Angola: The combination of the South African unions, a court order, and a German bank's demand for the entire shipment to cover an old Mugabe debt led the Communist Chinese vessel carrying the arms shipment to flee Durban (Citizen, South Africa). The shipment is now headed for Angola, whose regime is friendly with both Mugabe and Communist China, but it may not have enough fuel to get there. Meanwhile, Mugabe's regime continues to arrest opposition supporters (CNN).

Nepal tells its police it can shoot anti-Communist protesters along the Mount Everest part of the torch really (CNN).

Other Olympic News: The Thai part of the torch relay had protesters (CNN), as did the Malay leg (BBC and CNN). The Communists try their own hand at boycotts and protests - aimed at France and CNN (BBC, Small Dead Animals, and Washington Post). Australia's Prime Minister insists that no Communist goons will handle "security" during Australia's leg of the torch relay (AAP via Epoch Times). Those who remember the promises Communist China made to win the Olympic Games find the regime not fulfilling them (Washington Post). Meanwhile, inside Communist China, students are given "food subsidies" to keep them quite (Epoch Times) and more houses are meeting the Olympic bulldozer (Epoch Times).

Olympic Commentary: Nat Hentoff (Washington Times) examines who the Communist Olympiad has polluted the West, while Sue Meng (Washington Post) ponders how it might unintentionally end the Communist regime. Vietnamese dissident Pham Hông Son lists the Communist crimes against the Chinese and other peoples (Epoch Times).

The Canada file: An all-party group of MPs, led by Conservative Rob Anders, met the Tibetan leader in Michigan (CBC). Toronto Mayor David Miller visits Beijing and makes a fool of himself (Toronto Star). Marie Beaulieu takes issue with CBC's description of Falun Gong (Between Heaven and Earth). Toronto Sun columnist Salim Mansur sees the end of the Communist regime on the horizon.

Human rights abuse news: Hebei arrests AIDS sufferers who were appealing their brutal treatment by local cadres for years (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times). Meanwhile, a Beijing bookstore owner is arrested - again (World Net Daily).

News on "another Chinese province": Lee Myung-Bak and George W. Bush present a united front on the Stalinist North (BBC).

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