Wednesday, April 09, 2008

News of the Day (April 9)

How can you wage a “war” on terror on people who are not terrorists? That is the question the Taipei Times asks regarding Communist China's brutal occupation of East Turkestan (h/t Uyghur American Association).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: John Noonan edges past the above link with his excellent commentary on the need to build up the U.S. Navy and Air Force to meet the Communist threat (Weekly Standard Blog).

Other Runners-up: Congressman Dana Rohrbacher calls for an Olympic Boycott in USA Today (h/t Boycott 2008) and Andy McSmith has an illuminating historical review of the Olympic flame (Independent, UK).

Australian Prime Minister criticizes Communist treatment of Tibet - in Beijing: Kevin Rudd, not previously known for being tough on Communist China, told a Beijing University audience that the regime had to address the "significant human rights problem in Tibet" (AAP via Epoch Times). The cadres were not happy. Several U.S. Senators also called for an end to the repression (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, in Tibet itself, monks crashed a Communist propaganda tour in Xiahe (Below the Beltway).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Joan Chen takes the prize with an awful Washington Post column on the Communist Olympiad, nudging out James Dorn, who continued to ignore national security in the Washington Times.

Irish athletes face Olympic gag order, but the Olympic Council of Ireland says athletes could still boycott the opening ceremony by saying they are "training" (Independent, Ire., via Boycott 2008). How nice.

As the Games approach, the cadres get tougher on dissidents: The Washington Post details the treatment of Shanghai lawyer Zheng Enchong; Hu Jia's house is now off limits to anyone not approve by Communist police - even though he is already in jail (Epoch Times).

More Olympic news: As protesters in Paris celebrate their success (BBC), relay organizers in San Francisco - who already shortened the route (Epoch Times) - consider change it again (Washington Post). Australians prepare for their own protests against the torch (AAP via Epoch Times). President Bush's spokesperson bobs and weaves when asked about the Games (World Net Daily). Steve Janke recommends sending Jason Kenney. The German press comment on Europe's Olympic torch debacle (Der Spiegel), while Communist China basically asks for more (BBC). Finally, more than two-thirds of Americans say award the Games to Communist China was a mistake (One Free Korea).

Anti-Stalinist party wins South Korean legislative elections: Building on the victory of Lee Myung-Bak, the Grand National Party unseated ex-President Roh Moo-hyun's dovish allies in the legislature (BBC).

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