Friday, April 11, 2008

News of the Day (April 11)

Stalinist North Korea gets a free-pass on uranium and Syria disclosures: The Bush Administration has decided "to remove North Korea from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism and to exempt it from the Trading With the Enemy Act" (Washington Post) without getting details from the Stalinists as to their uranium enrichment program (which started the entire issue back in 2002) or their involement with Syria's nuclear weapons program. This is a terrible debacle, and One Free Korea provides the details why in today's Enlightened Comment of the Day.

More news on "another Chinese province": Japan - which has always been the more realistic ally in the SNK-nuclear episode, renewed sanctions against the Stalinist regime (BBC). Meanwhile, the food shortage appears to be worsening (OFK).

John McCain on Olympics - "If Chinese policies . . . do not change, I would not attend": The Republican nominee for President made the comments yesterday (Washington Times) and also advised current incumbent George W. Bush to skip the ceremonies "unless they change some things pretty quickly" (Washington Post). Numerous other Republicans and conservatives - including some "engagement supporters - are urging President Bush to stay home (National Review and the Washington Times). President Bush has, so far, chosen not to heed the advice.

What happens if Americans are arrested during the Games? Three members of Congress would like to know, but the State Department has repsonded with deafening silence (One Free Korea).

More Olympic news: Int'l Olympic Committee head Jacques Rogge talked out of both sides of his mouth on the right of athletes to speak their minds during the Communist Olympiad (Boycott 2008, Times of London, and the Washington Post), but the cadres were still unhappy with him (Globe and Mail, Cdn). UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon says "scheduling issues" (CNN) may keep him away from the opening ceremonies. The torch realy will continue as planned (Washington Post).

The Canada file: Communist China is upping the propaganda in Canada - on television (Epoch Times) and in print (Montreal Gazette). They are also "ignoring or twisting" the words of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to fit their purposes (Globe and Mail).

Russian forests illegally harvested for Communist China: Lucy Ash (BBC) has the details.

Speaking of corruption, Chen Liangyu, former party boss in Shanghai and a leading buddy of Jiang Zemin, was given an 18-year prison sentence for "taking bribes and abusing his position" (BBC).

Persecution news: Communist China's crackdown on Christians is "getting worse" (World Net Daily); David Matas discusses the organ harvesting tragedy to the Cross Cultural Center (Epoch Times).

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