Tuesday, October 10, 2006

News of the Day (October 10)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: The Korea Liberator notes some doubt as to whether Stalinist North Korea's blast was actually nuclear (see also Bill Gertz, Washington Times).

The viceroy suddenly becomes vague: Communist China went back to the boilerplate on the nuclear ambitions of its Korean colony, calling for "appropriate action" (BBC) without giving any indication of what that meant - except that any military action was "unimaginable." The Communist press slammed economic sanctions as "not the best way to resolve the problem" (BBC). Meanwhile, the regime's previous statements (second item) accomplished its objective in distracting the punditry and the powerful (BBC, China Confidential via Epoch Times, Cybercast News), but the editors of the Washington Post remain unconvinced.

At last, calls for liberation: The Enlightened Comments of the Day come from Frank Gaffney (Washington Times) and Newt Gingrich (National Review Online). Father Jonathan Morris came close with this Fox News reminder about the plight of the northern Korean people.

More on Stalinist North Korea's nuclear test: SNK threatens to fire nukes at the U.S. unless it agrees to talks; the Bush Administration rebuked the threat (Fox News), in part because the Stalinists would have a hard time following through (BBC). Japan and the United States call for sanctions against SNK (BBC, Newsmax, and Washington Times). So far, the Security Council has offered some harsh words, but nothing more (Voice of America via Epoch Times, and Yonhap via Daily NK). Domestically, the test became ensnared in the midterm election campaign (Cybercast News, Fox News, MSNBC, National Review Online, Newsmax, and Time). The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee weighed in (Newsmax). Financial effects were localized to South Korea (BBC), but it might spread (BBC). The punditry was once again all over the place (Cybercast News, National Review Online, Newsweek, Time, Washington Post, Washington Post via MSNBC, World Net Daily, Worldwide Standard), while the powerful were going wobbly (China Confidential via Epoch Times and Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the Communist-backed mullahcracy of Iran watches and waits (Cybercast News, Newsmax, and Worldwide Standard).

More on Middle Eastern Proxy Number One: The State Department's "engagement" disease hits the Iran desk (Telegraph, UK). Carleton University Professor Waller R. Newell examines the theology of mouthpiece Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Weekly Standard). American and European negotiators have "a heightened sense of frustration with Iran" (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Yang Jun, the previously unnamed businessman targeted by Communist bribery offers to get the Metal Storm gun (seventh item) tells his story to the Epoch Times. Communist Commerce Minister Bo Xilai visits Australia, but not for the suit filed against him by Falun Gong practitioners (Epoch Times). Reporters Without Borders asks for international help for Yang Maodong (Boxun, see also next to last and sixth items).

Anti-Chen protests return: The calls for the resignation of Taiwan's elected leader appeared unabated by the earlier news that his wife was cleared of wrongdoing charges (fourth item). Report: BBC

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