Thursday, October 12, 2006

News of the Overnight (October 11-12)

Eyewitness talks about the Tibet shooting: The climber who saw Communist guards shoot and kill seven refugees talks to the BBC.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Boycott 2008 has links on Communist China's abuse of athletes, doping issues, and extravagance, plus commentary on Stalinist North Korea's nuclear test and Don Feder's one-on-one with a Communist mouthpiece (see also Front Page Magazine). One Free Korea has far more on the SNK nuclear issue (as one would expect), including reports about a proposed arms embargo, SNK threats (see also BBC, Fox News, Newsmax, United Press Int'l via Washington Times, Voice of America via Epoch Times, and World Net Daily), the reaction in Asia, Democrats trying to make political hay (see also Newsmax, Wall Street Journal, World Net Daily, and The Worldwide Standard), the latest from the United Nations (see also BBC, Time, UPI via Washington Times, and Washington Times), and the reaction from South Korea's desperate doves (see also Daily NK, Newsweek, Washington Times, and Yonhap via Daily NK - note: "DJ" is a reference to Kim Dae-jung, not yours truly).

Was the nuclear test really for Iran? That's what one source told Michael Yon (National Review Online), and if so, it may have failed (BBC, UPI, and Washington Times). The ties between the Communists' Korean colony and Middle-Eastern Proxy Number One also caught the attention of Small Dead Animals, the Washington Times, David Frum (NRO), and Charles R. Smith (Newsmax).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: He could be our youngest winner; Benjamin Shapiro takes the prize (World Net Daily).

More on the Stalinists' nuclear test: The head of the North Korea Democracy Forum calls for the liberation of northern Korea (Daily NK). John Derbyshire (NRO) prefers a liquidation. Jimmy Carter, watching his 1994 deal bow up in his ace, calls for another one (National Review Online). Japan announces sanctions against SNK (BBC and Steve Janke), but the land of the rising sun does not want nukes (Washington Times) - a disappointment to this quarter and Mark Levin (NRO). President Bush goes over the history of failed diplomacy with SNK (Cybercast News) before calling for even more of it (BBC, Fox News, and MSNBC). Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld notes the proliferation danger (Newsmax and VOA via Epoch Times). Britain's Foreign Minister rips the test (BBC). The pundits were at their usual sound and fury (BBC, BBC again, Boston Globe, Newsweek, Steve Janke, Time twice, Washington Post, and World Net Daily), although the decent exceptions were more numerous (Daily NK, Toronto Sun, Washington Times). Steve Janke takes note of Canada's funding of SNK and ponders its future.

More on Stalinist North Korea: The BBC has two stories about the suffering of the people of northern Korea.

More on the Middle Eastern Proxies: The Iranian mullahcracy is going full-speed ahead on its nuclear program (Cybercast News and Newsmax). Meanwhile, Israel has had enough of Syria's "peace" overtures (Cybercast News).

On Pakistan and the War on Terror: The Communist Chinese ally's support for the Taliban catches the attention of Small Dead Animals.

More on the Communist Olympiad: The Communists aren't living up to their promises to the Int'l Olympic Committee (Epoch Times) - all the more reason the free world should stay away.

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: The cadres dig deeper into Argentina (Epoch Times), ban Jay-Z (BBC), and take 60 jobs out of the UK (BBC). A Communist envoy heads for the United States (Fox News). The U.S. picks a terrible time to talk defense cost with Japan and South Korea (UPI via Washington Times).

Communists arrest more appellants and fire two netizens: The petitioners arrested this time include a group of farmers from Hubei and the husband of a woman raped by a cadre (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, two NetEase officials are fired - over a survey (Epoch Times).

More on matters inside Communist China: VOA (via Epoch Times) talks to average citizens of Communist China on the firing of Shanghai boss Chen Liangyu; a pension fund in Shenzhen is missing over $200 million (Sound of Hope via Epoch Times). Tong Chuan (Epoch Times) discusses the Communist control of the domestic telecommunications industry.

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