Wednesday, October 25, 2006

News of the Day (October 25)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Boycott 2008 has another report of Communists abusing the Chinese people and a rather distressing speak-no-evil attitude from a member of the International Olympic Committee, respectively. One Free Korea has evidence of Stalinist North Korean chicanery with international aid, the latest on South Korean doves, and the latest SNK threats (see also BBC and United Press International via Washington Times).

More on Communist China's rights abuses: Quentin Sommerville (BBC) examines the latest in the Communist media crackdown. The Shotgun Blog slams Communist organ harvesting.

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Dick Morris wins in a runaway with this opening quote - "President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have succeeded beyond expectations in lining up China as a strong ally in forcing North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions." (The Hill). Sadly, Condoleezza Rice seems to be listening to this trash (Washington Times).

More on the Communists' Korean colony: Vladimir Putin calls for a soft touch on SNK (BBC). The Stalinist regime is still the worst for press freedom (Daily NK). A Mongolian parliamentarian sees liberation on the horizon for northern Korea (UPI via Washington Times).

On Middle Eastern Proxy Number One: Israel casts its eye on the Communist allies in Tehran (Cybercast News), as the mullahs rearm Hezbollah (Washington Times). The U.S., Britain, and France are calling on the UN "to ban the sale of missile and nuclear technology to Iran" (Washington Times).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: James Burke (Epoch Times) talks to Yang Jun, the businessman who spurned Communist China's requests to help it acquire the Metal Storm gun (seventh and sixth items). The European Union rips Communist China's trade policies (International Herald Tribune), but French President Jacques Chirac appears to have missed the memo (BBC).

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