Tuesday, October 03, 2006

News of the Day (October 3)

Stalinist North Korea announces plans for a nuclear test: Granted, there was no mention of a date, time, or place (BBC, CNN, The Korea Liberator, and Yonhap via Daily NK), but the Stalinists have already begun taking preliminary steps (United Press Int'l via Washington Times). The United States was not happy (Agence France Presse via Breitbart and MSNBC); Communist China's silence was deafening (BBC).

More on the Korean colony: The Korea Liberator laments (and with good reason) the now all-but-certain ascension of Ban Ki-Moon to United Nations Secretary General. Daily NK reports on the remarks of former Daily Chosun editor Ryu Geun-il, who was hitting the right notes until he talked about convincing Communist China to help reform SNK.

Arnaud de Borchgrave's worst fears (United Press Int'l via Washington Times) may be my best hope - so long as the goal is liberation for the Communist-backed mullahcracy. Then again, perhaps he just didn't notice the latest silliness from the State Department (Washington Times) and, if the Pentagon is correct, the Voice of America (San Jose Mercury News).

Chen Shui-bian's wife cleared of corruption accusations: The chief prosecutor in Taipei announced that there was "no evidence" to support charges that Taiwan's first lady peddled her influence for payoffs from a department store (BBC). This leaves the elected president's son-in-law as the only person related to him to be accused of impropriety.

On occupied Tibet: Whatever one thinks of the VOA's performance in Iran, its photo exhibit of Communist Chinese crimes in occupied Tibet deserves high praise (Epoch Times).

Imprisoned dissident news: The Communists formally arrest Yang Maodong (next to last item) for "illegal business activities" (Boxun). Guo Feixiong (tenth item) is tortured in prison and goes on a hunger strike in response (Radio Free Asia Epoch Times).

More matters inside Communist China: The cadres expand Beijing's underground city (Cheng Ming via Epoch Times). The number of ex-CCP members passes 14 million (Epoch Times). Another 300,000 people are forced from their homes by the Three Gorges Dam monstrosity (VOA).

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