Monday, October 30, 2006

News of the day (October 30)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Between Heaven and Earth reports from a Vancouver rally for Jia Jia (for more on Jia, see Epoch Times, Epoch Times again, and eighth item), has the latest on Communist organ harvesting, and the latest nation to follow the Communist Party line on Falun Gong: Putinist Russia. Boycott 2008 comments on the Communists' plans to use the Olympics, provides a reminder of tyrannical Olympics from the past, and chuckles at the promise of a "green Games" (for an idea of the "coverage" for which Boycott 2008 is such a tonic, see Time). One Free Korea was quite busy, providing some badly needed truth on Communist China and Stalinist North Korea - Condoleezza Rice (Epoch Times) and Ban Ki-Moon (BBC) must have missed the memo. OFK also has a slew of reports on SNK ties to South Korea's doves and leftists (see also United Press Int'l via Washington Times), excerpts from the ICG report on refugees (see also second item) and a report on human rights in SNK (see also Cybercast News, Epoch Times, and UPI via Washington Times), links to a plan for liberation, and relays a report of a scarlet fever epidemic in SNK (see also Daily NK).

More on human rights abuses in Communist China: Zhang Yuwei (Epoch Times) tells her story of persecution. Communist police savagely beat a journalist in Beijing (Boxun). Orville Schell reviews Mao's Last Revolution (and account of the harrowing Cultural Revolution) in the Washington Post. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party continues its reign of terror (Epoch Times).

More on the Communists' Korean colony: The Stalinists test-fire more missiles (Chosun Ilbo). The U.S. commander in South Korea expects another SNK nuclear test (BBC). The head of South Korea's dovish Uri Party opposes the anti-SNK Proliferation Security Initiative (Daily NK). UN sanctions on SNK, such as they are, will include Kaesung (Daily NK). Switzerland gets out of the Stalinist watch business (Daily NK).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Michael Ledeen (National Review Online) wins today's prize with his detailed description of how the Communist-backed mullahcracy of Iran is helping terrorists kill American soldiers in Iraq.

More on the Middle Eastern Proxies: President Bush rips the mullahs' continued nuclear program (BBC); Worldwide Standard notes that Putinist Russia is far less concerned. The mullahs' tyranny is detailed Secretary of State Rice calls on Hezbollah to lay down its arms (Washington Times).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Charles R. Smith (Newsmax) examines Putinist Russia's role in building up the Communist navy. Communist China's battle with the island democracy of Taiwan goes bananas, literally (Asia Times). The Communist central bank leader opens the door to fleecing foreigners of their money - ahem - foreign investment in domestic financial firms, but the Communists will keep control of the firms "in order to safeguard national financial security" (BBC).

Hu Jintao's "anti-corruption" campaign isn't fooling anyone: When Time can see through the latest supposed Communist battle against sleaze (kudos to Susan Jakes, BTW), the public relations game is up.

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