Friday, October 20, 2006

News of the Day (October 20)

Lin Mu's funeral brings Communist spies: The funeral of the late Lin Mu, former aide to Hu Yaobang, attracted Communist "monitors" who seized "wreaths and floral tributes sent to the family" (Asia News) of the cadre-turned-pro-democracy campaigner. Many of Lin's friends were shocked and saddened by his death (Epoch Times).

More on human rights in Communist China: A reporter is fired for exposing a housing corruption scandal in Henan (South China Morning Post via Asia Media). Hong Kong Councilor Leung Kwok-hung is arrested for an "illegal" radio broadcast (SCMP via Asia Media). Zhao Zifa (Epoch Times) highlights the plight of appellant (petitioner) Zhong Yuhuan. Xin Fei (Epoch Times) examines the continuing movement of Communist Party members out of the CCP.

More on matters inside Communist China: The regime-owned Industrial and Commercial Bank of China launches an IPO (BBC). The cadres conduct another "anti-terrorism" exercise (Intelligence Summit).

More falling for Communist China's "good cop" routine on the Korean colony: Among those becoming smitten by the cadres include Arnaud de Borchgrave (Washington Times), Daily NK, The Guardian, and the Washington Times. However, Worldwide Standard isn't buying it. Neither is Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post) who pens the Enlightened Comment of the Day.

More on Stalinist North Korea: Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il now says he "regrets" the nuclear test (MSNBC), and is apparently not planning any more tests after all (BBC and CNN). The pundits examine KJI's motives (Washington Times and Worldwide Standard). As the Stalinists' military strains their resources (Strategy Page), South Korea's doves stand ready to help them (United Press Int'l via Washington Times).

More evidence the U.S. is ready to give in to the Communist-backed mullahcracy: David Ignatius (Washington Post) makes note of recent disturbing news (sadly, he isn't nearly as disturbed as he should be).

More on Middle Eastern Proxy Number One: Israeli analyst Menashe Amir calls for the liberation of Iran (Cybercast News). Regime mouthpiece Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rips the United Nations (Newsmax and Voice of America via Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the mullahs' Sadrist puppets take control of an Iraqi city (National Review Online); Hezbollah is condemned for using cluster bombs (Washington Times); and Hamas gets around U.S. financial sanctions (Washington Times).

On Taiwan: The island democracy confronts AIDS (BBC).

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