Friday, May 02, 2008

News of the Day (May 2)

Underground submarine base on Hainan Island exposed: The London Telegraph has the story (and pictures) on "a substantial harbour . . . which could house a score of nuclear ballistic missile submarines and a host of aircraft carriers." The Hainan base could pose a major threat to several southeast Asian nations, and is a sign on Communist China's increasing ambitions to be the hegemon in Asia and beyond, although I'm not sure if CIA Director Michael Hayden got the memo (Economic Times, India).

Jewish leaders call for Olympic Boycott, cite Communist support for terrorism: Nearly 200 leading American Jews are "urging Jews worldwide to boycott the Summer Olympics in Beijing" (UAA). Among the many reasons for this were "China's support for the genocidal government of Sudan; its mistreatment of the people of Tibet; its denial of basic rights to its own citizens; and its provision of missiles to Iran and Syria, and friendship for Hamas" (emphasis added).

Has the world had enough of "the ugly Chinese?" That's the question John Pomfret asks in light of the Olympic torch violence in Seoul (h/t Uyghur American Association).

More on the Long Arm of Lawlessness: In Canada, where the Communists appealed to the values of free speech to get their networks on the air, the regime is using its embassies to silence the anti-Communist New Tang Dynasty Television (broadcast sister group to the Epoch Times).

More Olympic news: The torch goes through Hong Kong (BBC and CNN). Amnesty Int'l highlights the Communist abuses of human rights as the Games approach (Guardian, UK, via Boycott 2008); Samuel Spencer (Epoch Times) and Shao Jiang (Independent, UK, via UAA) also note the dichotomy. The Society for Threatened Peoples (via UAA) takes Interpol to task for falling for debunked Communist propaganda on the Games and "terrorism." Finally, Greg Pollowitz (National Review Online - Media Blog) marvels at the stupidity of the Los Angeles Times.

Congressional leaders ask Communist China to stop sending back refugees from North Korea: The request will come in a letter to be released today (New York Sun), and is especially pertinent given that a new famine has begun (One Free Korea).

Tibet news: As the Dalai Lama's envoys head for Beijing (BBC), the government-in-exile laments the cadres' treatment of Tibetans (Epoch Times).

Organ harvesting confirmed: A former prison inmate gives the details on the Communist organ harvesting methods to the Epoch Times, while provides the entire story on this grisly enterprise (h/t Boycott 2008).

Intestinal virus covered up by the Communists for weeks: Call it SARS redux; the Enterovirus 71 (EV71) intestinal virus "emerged in Fuyang city in Anhui province in early March" (BBC), but the cadres kept a lid on the news until this week, by which point the "highly contagious" disease had killed 21 and sickened nearly 3,000.

Stalinist North Korea will pretend not to want nukes if we pretend their not terrorists: In yet another example of American diplomacy laid low, Kim Jong-il's regime "has agreed to blow up the cooling tower attached to its Yongbyon nuclear facility within 24 hours of being removed from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism" (Washington Post). This is being touted as a major concession in Washington, even though "its destruction would be mostly symbolic." No wonder Frank Gaffney is so upset (NRO).

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