Monday, May 05, 2008

News of the Weekend (May 3-5)

South Koreans liken pro-Communist Olympic violence to "Nazism": Repercussions form the Olympic torch violence in Seoul continue to reverberate, with South Koreans finding their own parallels between 2008 and 1936 (Epoch Times). One very perceptive Central University noted the following:
We can extrapolate how horrible the situation in mainland China is right now when we see how people who have been exposed to freedom overseas are still doing things like this.

Meanwhile, the bloggers from within Communist China revealed completely how much the party controls them by refusing to even acknowledge that the violence happened (One Free Korea).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Dexter Roberts of Business Week takes the prize for this ChiCom propaganda piece masquerading as analysis.

More on "nationalism" and Communist China: Exiled dissident Yang Jianli breaks down the various forms on nationalism in Communist China (Washington Post). Meanwhile, the cadres are considering an end to the latest outburst to prevent it turning against them (Epoch Times).

Olympic chief organizer tortured Falun Gong practitioners: Liu Qi, the fellow who has organized the Communist Olympiad, "was responsible for the illegal detention and torture of two Chinese nationals and a sexual assault against a French woman in China," according to a U.S. Circuit Court cited by Shahien Nasiripour (via Boycott 2008). The senior American on the International Olympic Committee was indifferent to the news.

More Olympic news: The torch is now in Communist China, meaning the cadres will make sure no one is complaining (BBC and the Washington Post). Another Uighur exile calls for a boycott of the Games (Agence France Presse via Yahoo, h/t Uyghur American Association). Senator Sam Brownback exposes a scheme to spy on athletes in Beijing (Voice of America via Epoch Times). Canada's Rob Anders - one of the loudest critics of the regime and the Olympics - gets another defender (Calgary Herald).

State Department ripped for softness on Communist China: The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedoms noted Communist China's continuing persecutions against faith, and laments the "unfortunate signal" (CNN via UAA) sent by Foggy Bottom through its silence.

State Department finds Communist claims of terrorism in East Turkestan wanting: In a lengthy and detailed report on genuine terrorist threats around the world, State found "no concrete evidence " (CNN via UAA) to back up the cadres' already debunked claims of terrorist activities in the nation they have brutally occupied since 1949.

Communist China holds talks with Dalai Lama's aides, and agreed to hold more talks in the future (CNN and the Washington Post).

Taiwan Vice Premier faces flak over missing millions: Chiou I-jen trusted two friends with $30 million to combat Communist China's use of cash to win over Papua New Guinea in the battle over diplomatic recognition. Those friends stole the money instead. Chiou has left the Democratic Progressive Party (which will soon be out of power), but refuses to leave his government post despite demand from the DPP and Kuomintang that he quit (AFP via Yahoo).

Enterovirus 71 victims number more than 8,500: The disease Communist China didn't want to reveal has now spread beyond Anhui and has killed 26 people so far (BBC).

Did cadres in the northeast (previously known as Manchuria) steal $128 million in grain? That's the question being asked as the Communists admit that "stock valued at 900 million yuan have been lost" (Epoch Times). There are about six or seven cadres under arrest, including the director of the pilfered silo.

The Singapore Surrender takes in more criticism: The Washington Times reports on this phenomenon and adds to it on its editorial page.

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KL said...

Please push Washington to redefine the One China policy as follows:

There is only ONE CHINA on earth which should consist of Tibet, Taiwan, PRC [if not vanish like USSR did], Mongolia, Manchuria & others.

PRC represents CCP only & not the entire China. In other words, PRC is part of China just like Tibet, Taiwan & others are.