Tuesday, May 06, 2008

News of the Day (May 6)

Now the Communists want both side of the occupied nations debate to shut up: The repression against Tibetan and East Turkestani voices is nothing new (Agence France Presse via Australian Broadcasting Corp. - h/t Uyghur Association of America, and Washington Post), and frankly, neither is the repression against nationalism (Epoch Times) - which is only acceptable if it's under strict Communist control.

Virus toll approaches 12,000: Enterovirus-71 has now killed 26 children and infected over 11,900 people in Communist China (CNN); news of this virus had been suppressed by the Communists for weeks.

Taiwanese Vice Premier and Foreign Minister resign over dollar diplomacy scandal: Taiwanese Vice Premier Chiou I-jen has now resigned his post to take political responsibility for $30 million that has gone missing from Taiwan's fund used to counter Communist China on diplomatic recognition from other nations (BBC). The Foreign Minister has also resigned.

Hu Jintao visits Japan; protesters greet him: The Communist leader will spend five days in Japan, including meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda (BBC). Meanwhile, hundreds of anti-Communist protesters came out to speak their minds (CNN).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: The long arm of lawlessness reaches into Canada (Epoch Times), while the "engagement" crowd continues to try to force Prime Minister Stephen Harper to drink the Kool-Aid (Vancouver Sun). Meanwhile, Jennifer Chou (Weekly Standard Blog) examines the ties between Nepal's Maoists and Communist China.

News on "another Chinese province": One Free Korea hears from analysts at the American Enterprise Institute - none of whom are happy with the Singapore Surrender. OFK also has a new feature on his blog.

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