Thursday, May 01, 2008

News of the Day (May 1)

Pro-Communist violence in Seoul outrages South Koreans: The strong nationalism of the Korean people finally takes aim at the tyrannical power next door. One Free Korea has the most detailed accounts of the political repercussions.

More Olympic news: Mia Farrow is in Hong Kong to highlight the Communists support for the butchers in Sudan as the Olympic torch begins its journey there (Washington Post). Meanwhile, the cadres' radical nationalist campaign continues at home (BBC) and in Canada (Calgary Herald) - although the latter starting backfiring fairly quickly after some inaccurate charges against the Dalai Lama were noticed (and then deleted).

More Korean news: President Bush notes North Korea Freedom Week with a perfunctory statement (OFK) which was as half-hearted as the State Department's mention of the Stalinist regime in its terrorism report (OFK). Meanwhile, Representatives Pete Hoekstra and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ripped the President for holding back information on the SNK-Syria links (Washington Times, h/t OFK). A Stalinist mouthpiece agrees to hand over some nuclear documents, but he must "clear it with his superiors" (Washington Times). OFK has the rest of the news from the peninsula.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Michael Auslin, from the American Enterprise Institute, presents a very good set of policies for strengthening East Asia's democracies - and their alliances with the United States - on the Weekly Standard website.

Press freedom has not improved in Communist China, unless you're helping the cadres root out corruption, in which case you may have a little more leeway (BBC); for everyone else, it's actually getting worse.

Cadres conducting drug trials on AIDS patients - without telling them: Communists in Beijing "offered free board and lodging, plus monthly salary ranging from 500 to 1500 yuan (US$71.55 to $214.65)" to AIDS patients in Henan, but never explained why. Next thing they know, the patients are being given several drugs at once (Epoch Times).

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Thomas S. Doyle said...

Hello :

Your exposing of Communist China's misdeeds is excellent. I would say however that in addition to China that Russia (and an effective USSR)is also very dangerous. Their violence in Chechnya and Georgia over the years is staggering. Remember who sells the nuclear subs to whom. Remember who supported Khomeini in France, Saddam in Irag, Syria and Hezbollah.
I agree with Jeff Nyquist in these issues. Let's not be fooled by the "scissors strategy" and lulled into sleep by Russia. Keep up the good work but keep your other eye on Russia. (Litvinenko's writings are a good start.) Thanks for your time.
-Best regards, Tom S. Doyle