Thursday, May 15, 2008

News of the Day (May 15)

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Mr. Helprin, of the Claremont Institute, runs away with the prize with his concise, convincing, and thorough examination of the Communist threat and what we must do to combat it (Wall Street Journal).

Did Communist China ignore earthquake warnings? That's what Li Shihui, visiting fellow at the Key Laboratory of Geo-mechanical Engineering at the Chinese Academy of Sciences is claiming (Epoch Times). That could be an even more painful outrage to the families who have lost the only child they were allowed to have (Independent).

Persecuted Christian in occupied East Turkestan to be tried on May 27: Of course, the cadres have already decided Alimujiang Yimiti's fate - "A rumor originating from government officials of Kashi Region, is that a six year sentence has already been decided internally by the court" (China Aid via Uyghur American Association).

Tales from another land seizure, this time in Hangzhou, come to the Epoch Times.

News on "another Chinese province": One Free Korea has a hilarious off-angle view of President Bush's latest comments in Israel. OFK is far less charitable towards the Administration on the North Korean documents it is parading around Washington. Meanwhile, the doves in South Korea are going after President Lee Myung-bak again (United Press Int'l via Washington Times).

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