Friday, May 23, 2008

News of the Day (May 23)

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Usually an official from the Clinton Administration has a leg up on anyone else for this dubious honor (most former employees of the current Administration are just as bad, but not all), and true to form, Jamie Metzl (Business Standard) wins with a piece so bad it even gets the facts about the Zimbabwe arms shipment wrong.

ICOD Runner-up: Nicholas Kristof takes second place with this ridiculous ode to "grass-roots politics" in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake (Int'l Herald Tribune via Uyghur Human Rights Project). The Washington Times has a more reasonable assessment of the post-quake aftermath.

Taiwan announces restart of talks with Communist China: The cadres themselves have not confirmed this, but they have dropped broad hints about it (BBC).

Witnesses in New York say Communist consulate officials incited anti-Falun Gong riot: The particulars of the "Battle of Flushing" - and the Communists' role in same - are becoming more clear (Epoch Times).

Huseyin Celil letter makes it out of Canada: The Uyghur exile who became a Canadian citizen has been jailed for over two years laments his fate (Globe and Mail, Cdn.).

News from "another Chinese province": The latest man-made famine continues. One Free Korea has the heartbreaking dispatches.

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