Monday, May 19, 2008

News of the Weekend (May 17-19)

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State forced to admit Communist Chinese arms in terrorists' hands: The opening statement of John Negroponte to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Uyghur Human Rights Project) is chock-full of the usual "engagement" nonsense, but after questioning from Senators not named by the Taipei Times, Negroponte had to acknowledge "concern about Chinese weapons or Chinese-designed weapons showing up in some of these battle areas, be it Iraq or Afghanistan" (emphasis added). He also said he raised the issue with the cadres last week. Is the Administration prepared to do more if this continues?

Another day, another ally thrown under the bus: If the Administration policy toward "another Chinese province" (a.k.a. North Korea) is any indication, the cadres are free and clear on arming terrorists. Just as South Korea is finally beginning to focus on the Stalinist regime's horrendous treatment of the people of northern Korea, the United States has resumed food aid (BBC, Washington Post, and the Washington Times), due in part to the Singapore Surrender. Of course, Japan is quite used to this sort of thing (Washington Post).

Zimbabwe got its Communist arms after all, thanks in part to the South African navy (which secretly refueled the Communist Chinese vessel - Sunday-Herald, Scotland), Angola, and the Congo Republic (a.k.a. Congo-Brazzaville).

How the rest of the world views the Communist Olympiad: Canadian human rights groups, joined by two-time Olympic figure skating silver medalist Elvis Stojko, call for the Communists to stop abusing their own people - and for the rest of us to avoid the Games if they don't (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, Patrick Sherwen (Citywire via UHRP) discusses the effect of the bad publicity on foreign investment in Communist China (sadly, its' not much).

News from the occupied nations (Tibet and East Turkestan): The Tibetan government-in-exile responds to the latest Communist propaganda (TibetNet via Uyghur American Association); Mansoor Ijaz laments the plight of East Turkestan, although his assertion that Tibet has done "comparatively well under Communism" is not shared here (UHRP).

One-country, one-and-a-half systems rolls on: Hong Kong now has a "blacklist" of individuals who will not be allowed into the city at the Communist regime's behest (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Gordon Chang takes the prize for his explanation of the Communists' openness on the massive earthquake ("the country's leaders had little to lose" - New York Sun via UHRP) and how it will likely disappear as it becomes clear that "(p)eople died and others were injured because they were in, on, or near substandard structures that were bound to fall down." Making Chang's point for him were CNN and Britain's Guardian (h/t Boycott 2008). If any of this extended to the numerous nuclear plants in the vicinity of the quake (Times of London), this could be a tremendous backlash against the Communists.

Runner-up on ECOD: The fellow who wrote this detailed analysis of Communist China's "holistic censorship regime" (for obvious reasons, (s)he chose not to reveal his/her name - UHRP).

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Charles said...

The world will not be secure until China is free; so let's all do anything we possibly can to help the free Republic of China which now covers only Taiwan.

Let's all do our part in boycotting anything of Communist China.

The Chi-Coms wish to own not only Taiwan but also the U.S.A. Do you know that only a few years ago their military commissars, Chi and Zhu, were threatening the world by stating that they needed more fertile lands to "survive" and had to be prepared to sacrifice one half of the Chinese population to attack the USA.

In fact they want to possess every beautiful thing in the world they can steal or plunder. Taiwan is rich and beautiful. The Chi-Coms claim sovereignty over Diaoyutai islands (Senkaku islands declared occupied by Japanese) which have a total area of 6,344 square miles, but they have never taken any action or even threatened by aiming one missile at the islands. Why?

Because the Chinese Communists are uninterested in the islands which are desolate and have no natural resources.

The Chi-Coms would deceive the world like the devil; their threats are bluff for they would launch a surprise attack by force without any sign or warning if they see a sure win.

The State Department and the so-called "China experts" in the Government, media and academia have fallen for the Chinese Communist Party since 1940's and a great many of disasters have followed as a result. Here are but a few:

= the free Republic of China was betrayed, thus was driven to the island and is isolated; respectable ancient oriental culture and values have been totally destroyed and 1 billion people have been enslaved and converted into 21st century zombies,

= all the rogue nations like North Korea, Iran, Saddam's Iraq, Taliban's Afghanistan, Al Quida, Sudan, Burma, Zimbabwe etc. have been propped up by the Chi-Coms in order to strangle and drain America of power and resources.

= Millions of the patriotic zombies mentally cloned by the Chi-Coms have successfully "immigrated" into the Western countries in the last 20 years, and the extra "benefits" brought with them include super-bugs, tainted foods, lead poisoned toys, fake medicines.

= 1 out of 6 air pollutants in the sky over North America is a migrant from Communist China in producing your "cheap" goods; the damage and the hidden cost, economically and medically, to America and Canada would be astronomical (May I urge someone to make an educated estimate?)