Wednesday, May 28, 2008

News of the Day (May 28)

Communist military simulates nuclear war: The cadres - successors to the only man on earth who though he could win a nuclear war (Mao) - conducts its first ever "simulation of nuclear war" as a military exercise (Epoch Times).

The latest from the Battle of Flushing: An elderly woman is accosted by a pro-Communist mob before being rescued (Epoch Times); and that was just one incident (Epoch Times).

"Engagement" supporter made interim Canadian Foreign Minister, and it could be permanent: If David Emerson becomes Foreign Minister full-time (CTV), yours truly's support for Stephen Harper will dissolve.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Bharat Verma, editor of the Indian Defence Review, laments his nation's complacence in the face of the Communist Chinese threat, or more specifically, "two authoritarian streams of threats . . . Foremost is the Communist threat that originates from Beijing and the second is the Islamic fundamentalist threat from its proxies" (Rediff via UHRP, emphasis added).

Bush Administration restarts human rights talks with Communist China: The first round of talks has already been labelled "constructive" (Agence France Presse, via Uyghur Human Rights Project, and the Washington Post).

Amnesty International rips Communist China: The human rights group presented their criticisms in detail via their newest report (via UHRP - CNN also reporting).

East Turkestani Christian trial halts: The court sent the case "back to the original PSB prosecuters (sic)due to insufficient evidence against the accused" (China Aid via UHRP).

Kuomintang chief meets Hu Jintao: His talks with the cadre-in-chief were blessed by current Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou, a troubling sign (BBC).

News on "another Chinese province": Dan Bielefield guest posts on One Free Korea, and reveals the dramatic sea change in Korean politics - human-rights campaigner Dr. Norbert Vollertsen is treated like a VIP instead of a criminal. OFK also features "Escape from North Korea."


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I would recommend you to read the article which contains information that even you may not be aware.

Below are some quotes from an article by Judi McLeod:

"In fact, the cadres of the Earthquake Bureau of Communist China held a major conference in Hangzhou on April 28, 2008—two weeks before the Sichuan earthquake.
The title of the conference was “Training Course for Keeping Earthquake Information Confidential”.

"Why the Chinese government would want to keep the devastation of a natural disaster that was to claim so many humans secret is mind boggling even for a regime that continues to thumb its nose at Human Rights.

"It required the time and kindness of Chinese translators to write this Canada Free Press (CFP) story. That’s because the Chinese Communists do not broadcast these things in English lest the West may get to know."

For more information, go to:

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