Tuesday, May 27, 2008

News of the Weekend (May 24-27)

Quick recommendation on the arrogant assumption Canadians will listen to me: I join Steve Janke in support of Jason Kenney for Foreign Minister.

The latest news on the Battle of Flushing: NYPD arrests pro-Communist instigators (Epoch Times); Communist consul admits to his role (Epoch Times); the mob kept it up yesterday (Epoch Times); and Genevieve Long tells of what she witnessed (Epoch Times).

Other news on Communist China and the rest of the world: Russia joins Communist China in opposing an American missile defense (BBC and Washington Post); New Zealanders are getting more worried about a free trade deal with Communist China (Epoch Times).

Kuomintang leader in Communist China: Wu Poh-hsiung will be meeting leading cadres for six days (BBC and Washington Times); whether or not this is window dressing (as Richard Halloran opines in the Washington Times) or something more ominous remains to be seen. Meanwhile, former Senator George Allen provides some Taiwan policy recommendations (Washington Times).

Communist China blasts British PM for meeting Dalai Lama: The cadres' harsh words (BBC) reveals a regime unwilling to follow the advice of the folks at Yale Global (via Uyghur Human Rights Project).

Post-quake Communist China reverting to form: The cadres are cracking down (Voice of America via Epoch Times and The Age via Boycott 2008), covering up (Washington Post), and stealing money (NTDTV via Epoch Times).

Olympic news and commentary: The regime takes aim - at the disabled (Epoch Times) and New Zealanders (Boycott 2008); Edward Cody examines the Communist view of "sports" (Washington Post); and Joey Cheek reminds the world about Communist China's role in Darfur (Washington Post).

News from "another Chinese province": Glenn Kessler (Washington Post) profiles the man author of the Singapore Surrender; One Free Korea has the latest famine news; and Barack Obama goers weak on the Stalinist regime and terrorism (OFK).

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