Tuesday, May 20, 2008

News of the Day (May 20)

Ma Ying-jeou takes the helm in Taiwan: The former Mayor of Taipei and leader of the Kuomintang (Nationalist) Party pledged to work toward "a new chapter of peace" (BBC) between the island democracy and Communist China. However, he also "promised that there will be no negotiations on unification with Beijing during his presidency." His predecessor, Chen Shui-bian, was indicted almost immediately after he left office (BBC).

Cisco on the hot seat for anti-Falun Gong memo: The tech giant will be facing questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee about "an internal marketing presentation in which it appeared to be willing to assist the Chinese Ministry of Public Security in its goal of 'combating Falun Gong evil cult and other hostile elements'" (Washington Post; h/t Between Heaven and Earth). Ironically but tellingly, the grilling comes less than two weeks after it was revealed that Cisco was the victim of counterfeiting by Communist tech exporters who sold fake Cisco products to the Pentagon and several other military agencies.

The Long Arm of Lawlessness reaches New York City: An anti-Communist rally was attacked in Chinatown (Epoch Times).

"Is Chinese Regime Preparing for Nuclear War?" That's not my headline, but after reading this G2 Bulletin story (via Epoch Times), it certainly was my question.

Dalai Lama in London: Tibet's spiritual leader "will address Parliament and give evidence on human rights to a parliamentary committee during his trip" (BBC). It is the first stop in his 10-day visit to Britain.

The truth seeps out about the earthquake in Communist China: No, I'm not saying the cadres caused the quake, but the mass corruption that led to substandard buildings crushing and killing thousands (Weekly Standard) and the incompetence of cadres in getting help to those who need it (Epoch Times) is finally entering the view from the outside world.

News from "another Chinese province": One Free Korea details how the Stalinist elite in North Korea keep themselves fed - by stealing from everyone else.

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Charles said...

re:"Is Chinese regime preparing for nuclear war"

I don't believe the Chi-Coms would dare to invade Taiwan directly by military force nor would they build carriers instead of submarines because communists have no guts to fight in the open and always seek to deceive or steal rather than fight.

Since the G2 report is about the Hainan Island and has mentioned the EP3 incident 7 years ago, I would like to add that the March 31 2001 "incident" over the Hainan Island was NO ACCIDENT.

It was a poker game type of setup by the Chi-Coms to test the political-strategic character and behavior of the Bush Administration.

Unfortunately, the State Department dominated by liberals kowtowed to the Communists, as always since you know when, and Bush apologized with monetary "compensation".

The reason why I say "unfortunately" is that the weakness emboldened the Chi-Coms to order their goons in Afghanistan, Taliban and Al Qaida, to go ahead with the planned attack on the US territory, which took place 5 months later and is now known as 9/11.

Just as a reminder or in case anyone not being aware, an airplane carrying a full "delegation" of the Chi-Coms landed in Afghanistan on the same day the 3000 innocent lives lost and the Twin Towers collapsed.

If America do not learn the lessons and be intolerably firm, the Chin-Coms would encroach and tighten the noose more and more until everything is too late.