Tuesday, May 13, 2008

News of the Day (May 13)

Communist China's military buildup against Taiwan continues: As the gigantic Hainan naval base gets more attention (Newsweek), the Communists are increasing their military presence in the Taiwanese straits (Taipei Times). Fighter planes in particular have been up to four times as active as ten years ago, and the number of Communist missiles pointed at the island democracy stands at roughly 1,300.

Russia sues Communist China for piracy: Russia is set to sue the cadres for stealing the plans for the Russian Su-27SK fighter aircraft and using it to make the J-11B, which Russia calls "an absolute copy" (Weekly Standard). This could - stress could - finally separate Communist China from its biggest arms supplier (Russia), which has now become the regime's biggest piracy victim.

On the Long Arm of Lawlessness in Canada: Patrick Donnelly (Calgary Herald) details how Communist Embassy officials seized and tortured a Canadian citizen in Alberta and the regime's financial machinations to take over PetroKazakhstan.

Dental work from Communist China has lead in it: The stunning revelation came from ABC, whose Washington affiliate conducted an investigation. One representative for a Communist exporter put it this way - "We follow this military 'don't ask, don't tell' policy."

Will the Dalai Lama be invited to the Beijing Games? The cadres, desperate to avoid an August repeat of the torch relay fiasco, are considering the idea (Weekly Standard Blog).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: The Bush legacy on Communist China is not good, according to Joshua Kurlantzick at The New Republic (via the Uyghur American Association). Meanwhile, Peter Worthington laments the "misguided political correctness" (Toronto Sun) of the folks who banned a Falun Gong music group from the Canadian Tulip Festival. Finally, Romeo Dallaire calls on his fellow Canadians to "use the Olympics to pressure China and enlighten its people about what is happening in Darfur, and why the international community is outraged" (Globe and Mail via Boycott 2008).

Another land seizure, another set of peasants attacked by hired thugs: This time the victims are thousands of farmers in Yingkou, Liaoning (Epoch Times - the pictures include victims of graphic violence).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Siegfried S. Hecker and William J. Perry acknowledge the pitfalls of negotiating with Stalinist North Korea, then propose more of the same in the Washington Post.

News on "another Chinese province": The United States is about to ensure that the Stalinist regime is well-fed (One Free Korea), whether the people of northern Korea get relief is another matter.

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