Wednesday, May 21, 2008

News of the Day (May 21)

More news (and an explanation) on the Long Arm of Lawlessness: The Epoch Times has more on Communist China's effort to quash opposition to their regime - in Japan, Wisconsin, and New York City. Meanwhile, Gong Ping (Epoch Times) explains the need for the cadres to cause mischief abroad - the numerous embarrassments and scandals stemming from the massive earthquake earlier this month.

Speaking of the earthquake aftermath, relief efforts are started to be thwarted by (surprise!) corruption (BBC and Epoch Times). Meanwhile, reports are coming out that the death toll is actually far higher than reported and that the cadres ignored pre-quake warnings (Epoch Times). One thing the quake has done to benefit the Communists is to silence many human rights critics (Wall Street Journal via Uyghur American Association).

"Engagement" pundit drifts off the reservation: James Dorn has come to the cadres' defense numerous times, but even he now sees the cadres' "financial repression" and the economic damage it has caused (Washington Times).

More on the economy in Communist China: Professor Shang Dewen talks about inflation, and how the cadres have tried to hide it (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the one thing that has drawn outside investors to Communist China (its ridiculously low labor costs) is starting to fade (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times).

On Communist China and the rest of the world: Chin Jin (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, via Uyghur Human Rights Project) calls for the West to reverse its "strategic error" and stand up to the Communist regime. The editors of the Indian Express (via UAA) call for their home country to do the same. Ezra Levant blasts the Communists for refusing to let Taiwan into the World Health Organization (National Post, Cdn., via Boycott 2008).

News from "another Chinese province": One Free Korea has more dispatches from the North Korea famine.

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Charles said...

re "World Health Organization"

I am for the 23 million people of Taiwan and wish them free from the Communist China's spell. I would like the West to be aware of what kind of evil they are dealing with nowadays.

Why did the Chi-Coms cover up the SARS plague by 'officially' naming the disease as 'atypical pneumonia' (a generalized medical term for a disease which is not deadly infectious)?

Why did the People's Republic medical professor Dr. Liu jian-lan of Canton having been infected from his Chinese "patients" rushed in a crowded train from the Mainland into Hong Kong for medical treatment without disclosing details of the disease he was carrying? From him, the SARS plague spread through Hong Kong to the world.

Why did Dr. Liu instead lied to the Hong Kong border officials that he was merely attending a wedding party of his niece in Hong Kong?

Did he have any professional ethics of a medical doctor, or rather, any basic ethics of a human being? No, of course not. No wonder reports coming from ordinary folks are that hospitals and doctors in Communist China are ruthless cold-blooded money grabbers and that organ harvesting in Communist China is a kind of syndicated businesses run by cadres, police, courts, prisons, universities and hospitals together.

Being a medical professor connected with People's Liberation Army and cadres and having treated many patients of SARS in his hospital, why did Dr Liu give up hope on himself for treatment in China and believe that getting medical treatment in Hong Kong was his last hope for possible cure?

Mdm Fung Chan, now the head of WHO, was "elected" virtually by African countries after the Chi-Coms had promised them to let 20 billion dollars loans forgiven. She wore a "neutral" hat as a Hong Kong person but she was scorned by many Hong Kong residents for bad management although she had "merits" being loyal to the Chi-Coms in covering up the SARS plague while managing the medical department of Hong Kong Government.

To let the Chi-Coms be a member of any world organization is itself a plague.